Perfect.(A Harry Styles Fanfic) Chpt 1

I was walking down the roads of London even though I know it’s dangerous at night. I’m a risker so I walked down the streets and alleys at MIDNIGHT. Taxis , cars , buses driving in the streets. I was walking down when a man grabs me roughly and pins me to a wall.” I want your body…” he said in a deep scary voice. I felt his stubby beard on my cheeks and chin.” LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP! HEELLLLPPP!” I yelled at the top of my longs no one could hear me.That happened 3 years ago. Ever since I’ve been to therapist. The dark memory and no one heard me. No one. Im stupid for walking at midnight.” Okay. Sweetie, that man was taken away and put in prison. He raped tons of girls. Sweetie, it’s okay.” my therapist, Mrs.Soit said. “Mrs.Soit I’m.. This is my last class.” I said. “That’s fine sweetie.I’ll miss you.”